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Current Position & Progress

As the year progresses so to has the amount and intensity of work, my research focusses have left little time for new posts though I am excited for the new development that doing this course has, and is, allowing me to explore which I am certain will improve the sustainable design, manufacture and packaging, among other areas. It has allowed me to more indepthly understand fabrics and their properties and through this to develop a greater knowledge of the ecologies of designated eco-fabrics and components which has opened my eyes to the myths surrounding some and the not widely known properties of others. 

As I have already mentioned my studies are becoming very intense and due to this I will posting less regularly than usual, though the store will be open and functioning as usual so feel free to have a look at the WUNDERBLAZE Store . There are new designs waiting to be added once some of the current stock is sold to make space; bold reds, sparkle harness and multicolored lace delights are waiting in the wings. In the near future I am also planning to start selling the hand knitted designs I have been saving and some men’s briefs and loungewear.

My two main current projects are exploring sustainable and environmentally conscious dying in relation to lingerie and I am also exploring, and aiming to create, a sustainable toolkit allowing your to make your own wool. That is just a brief break down i what i am looking into in addition to some freelance consultancy work.

Stay Wunderful

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WUNDERBLAZE is now open and running in its new home on etsy with the old favourites, some new designs and a yet to be revealed addition to the Stella Star Pasties.

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WUNDERBLAZE Garments & Accessories 


 It has been an exciting year sketching and coming up with designs and next year is going to be even more exciting with more designs and the addition of knitted lingerie. 

I’m pretty excited about the up and coming ranges, this is going to be a great year … Welcome 2016.     


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