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About Quinso

I have completed an undergraduate course focused on intimate apparel and a Masters in Design and Environment to further research into the environmental effect of intimate apparel. I am passionate about both lingerie and the environment and felt that I wanted to share my combined passions.

WUNDERBLAZE: Sustainability and Ethical Temp Brand?

WUNDERBLAZE is a small independent temporary brand that began for a number of reasons and has developed in a range of ways, and, although it will be shut by the 11th of June, has been an absolutely fantastic experience.

One of the main parts of the brand was to aim to be ethical in its practice, in relation to this I have attempted to:
avoid excessive over consumption by working with donated fabrics,  off cuts and fabrics left over from my academic experimentations although sometimes trimmings have to be bought as these are rarely donated
Avoid waste water by dying in small lots and only the precut fabrics
I have even been researching and experimented with natural based dyes to reduce waste and chemical use
All of cuts are saved to make other garments or accessories
Pattern cutting is done in a way to utilise the most of the fabric
All garments are handmade and hand decorated by me

There are a number of ways in which I attempt to integrate sustainable practice into the running of WUNDERBLAZE and my current module, Business of Design, as well as the entirety of my Masters in Design and Environment provide me not only the opportunity to research the best way to do this but also to discuss ethics, the environment, sustainability and the various aspects of relating this to design.

I would not say that WUNDERBLAZE is at the sustainable level that I want it to be but as I said it’s a process of development and implementation, and honestly I do it for the joy of making but would like to also close the loop and start thinking about how they could be recycled at the end of their lives as this is something that I feel is as important as the resouces used.

I think ethical design practice is the future and I hope to be part of it.

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Current Position & Progress

As the year progresses so to has the amount and intensity of work, my research focusses have left little time for new posts though I am excited for the new development that doing this course has, and is, allowing me to explore which I am certain will improve the sustainable design, manufacture and packaging, among other areas. It has allowed me to more indepthly understand fabrics and their properties and through this to develop a greater knowledge of the ecologies of designated eco-fabrics and components which has opened my eyes to the myths surrounding some and the not widely known properties of others. 

As I have already mentioned my studies are becoming very intense and due to this I will posting less regularly than usual, though the store will be open and functioning as usual so feel free to have a look at the WUNDERBLAZE Store . There are new designs waiting to be added once some of the current stock is sold to make space; bold reds, sparkle harness and multicolored lace delights are waiting in the wings. In the near future I am also planning to start selling the hand knitted designs I have been saving and some men’s briefs and loungewear.

My two main current projects are exploring sustainable and environmentally conscious dying in relation to lingerie and I am also exploring, and aiming to create, a sustainable toolkit allowing your to make your own wool. That is just a brief break down i what i am looking into in addition to some freelance consultancy work.

Stay Wunderful

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As we approach the last week of February I thought I might share with you new deals and special offers, both current and soon to be available, in the WUNDERBLAZE etsy store:

(1)   FREE surprise Gift on orders over £35

(2)   FREE 20% discount voucher with every purchase

(4)   Leap Year 30% discount – LEAPWUN*

(5)   March £5 discount – MARCHOFF**

*valid from the 21st to the 29th

**starts on the 21st and ends on the last day of the month, valid on orders over £12

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Finally Stella


Welcome a new addition to the Stella range: The Stella High Waisted Knickers.

These knickers pair with the Stella nipple pasties and also glow in the dark,  they are hight waisted with a swooping back and a waist hook fastening. They feature open mesh sides and glittery sequin back detail.

Why not add a little glow to your underwear draw with a pair,  they are now available in our new Etsy store in A UK Medium  (12) and UK Large (14).

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WUNDERBLAZE is now open and running in its new home on etsy with the old favourites, some new designs and a yet to be revealed addition to the Stella Star Pasties.

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WUNDERBLAZE have had a good couple of months at Folksy but I have made the decision to move to Etsy. It was not an easy decision it involved a lot of weighing the pros and cons but in the end the way in which Etsy is integrated into various social platforms made it come out on top for me. I would still recommend Folksy however as a buying and selling platform it has many great features and is easy to use.

Our etsy store is up and running with our original designs still in stock so come and visit us in our new home on Etsy.


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The 2016 Design Challenge

On my current masters I have been working with more indepthly focused upon materials in association to intimate apparel, im hoping to improve not only my application of design and making, through my materiality modules, but also my practice and execution, through my Business of design modules, and also to increase my understanding of user engagement and social cultural aspects of purchasing through terchnonatures.

So this year I have decided to investigate, possible new, more sustainable and environmentally friendly fabrics, with the hope of developing a 100% sustainable, ethical, biodegradable and environmentally friendly range of intimates and loungewear in the near future.

In light of environmental impact in relation to western consumerist culture I have challenged myself to use the fabric that, as a sewer, I have acquired and thought too beautiful to use, and to combine it with end of roll or cut offs from haberdasheries and other companies. I want to retrain my brain to use the fabric I buy and not be so precious and to think about what i purchase and the production and travel involved within it. I already see that there will be various challenges involved but I think that they will all be able to be overcome by supplementation and innovation.

So in short the challenge is to not buy any fabric off the roll and to only buy a maximum of 2 offcut fabrics a month. *

 I am rather excited to see how this challenge will shape WUNDERBLAZE this year and to rediscover all the fabulous fabrics and materials I have acquired and not used.

*This challenge does not relate to my academic research


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WUNDERBLAZE Garments & Accessories 


 It has been an exciting year sketching and coming up with designs and next year is going to be even more exciting with more designs and the addition of knitted lingerie. 

I’m pretty excited about the up and coming ranges, this is going to be a great year … Welcome 2016.     


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 Even before I was able to sew I loved fashion and design. I always wanted to have my own fashion label and to sell designs that were fun and unique. While in school I became infatuated with smart textiles, I later even  designed, and made,  a menswear honeymoon collection incorporating some smart textiles. WUNDERBLAZE embodies the fun and free and is designed to be astheticaly pleasing and enjoyable.

I am also currently studying a course in Design and Environment, I am studying it for many personal reasons but one is so I can try to make WUNDERBLAZE more environmentally friendly in relation to sourcing, producing and even aftercare services. I feel that setting up a system that account for this and is versatile enough to last will take time and research, which is but one reason why I picked a business module. I’m very excited about it.

I’m so happy to have finally started my brand and look forward to, both, the joys and the challenges ahead.

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Lace Harnesses 

WUNDERBLAZE sultry lace harnesses are now available on our folksy store. The enchanting sequinned turquoise Giffany harness and the delicious black Robin harness are both made of stretch lace and feature open backs.

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