Product Care

At Wunderblaze, we believe Lingerie and intimates aftercare is of the utmost importance.

Special care is required when washing your intimate apparel garments. If you follow the care instructions below, it will not only help keep your lingerie beautiful for longer but will also help to extend the smart textile effects used within the collections.

Always follow the care instructions given on the label of your lingerie.


Ideally, you should wash your lingerie after having worn it for one day. We strongly advise you to wash your lingerie by hand. Delicate laces and embroideries will last much longer if washed gently by hand. Fill a tub with warmish water (max 30°C) and detergent, and repeatedly immerse the lingerie. Make sure that the lingerie keeps moving. Do not wring it or rub it. Rinse with clear warmish water (max 30°C) until all the detergent is gone.

If you prefer using your washing machine, then always put your lingerie in a lockable washing bag, so it can’t get damaged in the washing machine. Only fill the drum up to a third, preferably with other small items. Put the machine on a “low speed” cycle. Put it on 30° or on a “delicate wash” cycle. Use a mild liquid detergent for delicate wash. Never use bleach, fabric softener or a wool wash detergent.

Never put lingerie in the tumble drier, but either hang it out or lay it flat to allow it to dry. Garments can dry flat on a towel or be hung on a drying rack. Always hang the bra or top by the central front panel so it can dry evenly. Never put lingerie on a heat source. Only put lingerie away if it is completely dry. We do not advise that you iron products purchased from us.

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